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    Jessie began exploring woodcarving and art in general since 1990 as an outlet for her passion for the arts. She spent the next decade refining her skills, ideas and personalized creativity. By 2000 she developed a unique style of her own and was able to turn what she loves to do into a full time endeavor. The journey began on Whidbey Island, located in the pristine Puget Sound area of the Pacific Northwest. Since then she has taken her art to the north, south and eastern corners of the United States.  As well, her art has enabled her to travel to other countries such as Japan, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.
    Currently Jessie lives nestled in between the Redwood Forest and the ruggedly beautiful Pacific coast line of Northern California. She is also known to take yearly jaunts to Western Washington and Northern Minnesota.

     Her work has been described "as a blend of imaginative, abstract and dreamy creations.  But yet she is down to earth, touching upon the realism and whimsy part of life. She has the true mark of an artist with goals and a passion for her work."